Something Something New Year

Why can’t every day be like New Year’s Day? There’s no traffic, parking is free, everyone’s optimistic and relaxed, there’s football on TV, and that gentle morning tummy grumble from champagne and snacks.

My resolution this year?

To make all of you better people.

And to start: New Year’s is stupid and so are you.

Why choose one day out of the year to make resolutions to lose weight/save more money/stop killing prostitutes…

…according to an arbitrary calendar?

Every day should be an opportunity to wake up and start fresh. September 18th is no different from January 1 (and in fact, it’s likely a little warmer, so your resolution to shuffle your chub in too-tight shorts to lose a few lbs will be easier).

Every day is an opportunity to start going to the gym.

Or lose weight.

Or reconnect with your parents.

Or be more complimentary.

Or be less negative.

Or start a new hobby.

Or be open to a relationship.

Because you know why?

Every day is one less day you get.

One less day of health.

One less day of family.

One less day of friends.

One less day of a job.

One less day in a home.

One less day of freedom.

Tomorrow could change your life forever.

So why don’t you beat it to the punch?

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