Yerba mate is the only thing that matters

I never understood “coffee”.

I was a kid and would drink it at holidays when everyone else had some and it never quite had an effect on me.

I liked tea, but I was never one of those people who would be found clutching a Starbucks cup like it was a lifeline.

Until my dad introduced me again to coffee.

My world was changed. Coffee made life vivid, I would get insane amounts of work done, and have brilliant ideas.

Sure, it gave me the runs, but it was WORTH IT.

Then there was the inevitable crash.

And the two or three cups to keep the high going.

And then sleeping for twelve hours to come off that caffeine high.

So my experience with coffee wasn’t great. I’d go through a week where I’d be all about coffee and another week where I avoided it like the plague.

I eventually, permanently switched to black tea, which mellows me out.

Unfortunately, if I have some on an empty stomach, I approach what it must feel like to die quite rapidly.

the struggle is REAL

And then one day at Trader Joe’s, on complete impulse, I bought Yerba Mate, and placed it in the back of my cabinet where I didn’t find it until yesterday.

The first time was awful. It did nothing for me and tasted like old man smell (Polo Cologne and Marlboro Reds).

cigarettes: they help you tear down barbed wire fences!

Today I thought I’d give it another shot, put it in a bigger mug, and it was actually quite pleasant.

But the boost was what made it worthwhile.

I was clear, focused, and not sweating out of my butt.

I’m now a Yerba Mate devotee/believer/evangelist!

if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me

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