How Pokemon is like dating…

Pokemon taught us more than we could ever possibly comprehend about real life.

look honey, if you’re just gonna lay there and splash around, i’m not gonna wait for you to evolve

It taught us we have to eventually grow up and leave home, using the skills given to us and friends along the way.

It taught us to face challenges that seem insurmountable, ones we must overcome in order to advance.

It taught us to save our money, our time, and our energy. It taught us to never use those who help us, because everyone has limits. It taught us to take care of the health of our loved ones. It taught us that there’s good and there’s evil. But most importantly of all: It taught us about dating. There’s going to be plenty of low-quality stuff to catch. And when you fumble around in the dark, you’re bound to run into something (especially something you don’t want.) You can even pay to get some action, but it’s low quality and a waste of money. We have a set of skills we use to attract. Sometimes it fails. Sometimes we scare them off. But there’s that elusive someone out there. And with time, patience, and the right training, there’s nothing to stop us from throwing that Master Ball out there and catching that special someone.

my age 7 crush

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